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Mirror Upgrade
Adapting '08 CBR 1000rr Mirrors to 04-05 CBR Models


1. Remove the screw from the bottom side of the mirror.   2. Rotate the base of the mirror to expose the lower mounting bolt.
3. Pull the signal side of the mirror fame away from the base with your hands.   4. Persuade the two pieces apart with your hands.
5. Unbolt the mirror frame from the base.   6. Pull the wiring out of the base starting with the larger connector.

Preparing The Mirror Base

7. Cut the lower mounting stud off. 8. Sand down the stud until flush with the base. The underside of the bracket should look like this to allow the adapter to sit flush.

Fabricating The Adapter Plate

9. Trace the outline of the mirror base on a piece of 3/16-inch aluminum plate.   10. Mark the center of the holes to be drilled.
11. Drill to allow the adapter to sit flat on the mirror base.   12. Use the original mirror as a guide for the bolt pattern and mark and drill the final mounting hole in the mirror base, then in the adapter. Use a 1/4 drill bit for the through hole, then a 3/8 bit to countersink the top side of the mirror base.
13. Bolt the adapter to the base temporarily to sand the adapter to the exact size of the base.    



14. Bolt the mirror base to the fairing to mark for the hole where the wires will pass.   15. Drill the marked holes carefully. As a precaution, put painters tape on the fairings to protect them.
Make the hole big enough for the connectors to pass though. This is the only cutting required and will not be visible with either mirrors installed.   16. Cut the factory wired ends off and adapt them to your harness as you wish.
Here is the final product.


2006 Copyright Liz Miles,